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HKV-001 internet radio system

HKV-001 is a PC-free internet device for audio stream playback, it can access the world wide internet radio station via internet, supported by Wobbi Portal website, the support manager software can also help to search the prefer station, manage the favorite station list.

System server

Our wetsite Wobbi Portal is a powerful web server, not only supports HTTP web browser but also supports the HKV-001 device(HKV-001 Manager Software). The website has the data and information of more than 3000 internet radio stations around the world, we keep on adding more and more new data to the database, this site supports three kinds of languages at present time(english, tranditional chinese and simplified chinese), people can access the website using computer for free.

HKV-001 device

Very simply and easy use internet radio, low power consumption design and just an internet radio device with low cost but high performance.

HKV-15(0HKV-001/HKV-005) updated flyer(English, pdf)

Main functions:

  • Cable connectable for home or office LAN without any setup
  • Low power consumption(<0.8Watt at standby mode)
  • Support multiple internet audio streaming protocol(HTTP web, RTSP, Icecast and SHOUTcast)
  • Support LAN MyCast, BiCast POD protocol
  • built-in 1Mbit RAM to support buffer size up to 8 seconds for 128kbps stream
  • Built-in speaker, external sub speaker for stereo channels
  • Output power upto 2 x 2-Watt THD+N=1% with two 4 OHM speakers
  • Station channel display
  • 8 preset station buttons
  • InfraRed remote controller
  • FM transmitter option
  • Support by HKV-001 Manager Software(HKV-001MS): Manager Software for staion management and setup
  • Support by Andriod app: Remote control, radio staion management and setup

HKV-001 Manager Software

This untility can connect to your HKV-001 device in same LAN, with its powerful functions, you can manage your own station list, search on-line for preference station, edit the staion information, listen station for testing and even add your own station. Also you can manage your playback list for the audio file in PC, and HKV-001 can be configed as your LAN speaker.

Main functions:

  • HKV-001 settings setup
  • Radio list management
  • Search internet radio station on-line
  • LAN speaker function
PC software Win32 version for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

The introduction video:

Android App

Android app for HKV-001


HKV-001 documents and software download

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