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Wobbi Portal

The website is an internet radio station portal from Hong Kong, it is the right place where so many
internet radio stations can be found, you can check and search internet radio station using web browser, listen
the internet radio station using installed media player, this platform can support WobbiTech products include
BiRadio software, HKV series manager and HKV series Android apps.
It's access to Internet radio stations around the world, the powerful search engine can support several kinds
of way including location, language, genre and even the keywords of the station.

Main features

  • Internet radio station database management
  • Web data communiction capability for web browser
  • HTTP data communiction capability for HKV series products
  • UDP data communication capability for HKV series products
  • Licensing key management for HKV series products

Internet radio stations list

Web setup

Web embedded
PC installed

Normal search

Please select one of the following search method and click [Search by ..] button to start radio station search

Search radio station by location:
Search radio station by language:
Search radio station by genre:

Advanced search

Key words of the radio station:
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HKV-001 internet radio BiCast platform PC software development
HKV-005 internet radio HKV series internet radio Android apps development
HKV-008 internet radio Wobbi Portal MCU software development